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Memories of ^Tucker Bud^, and his big brother ^Mulligan Man^..


Memories of ^Tucker Bud^
Memories of ^Mulligan Man^..
Two Beautiful Puppies .....
Just pictures..of things my boys loved doing
Puppy Fun time
Awards & Poems for (((^My Boys^)))
*Rainbow Bridge Star*
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For Christmas 2003, I wanted to buy my ^Boys^ a star .  A place to look,when I went out at night to have a heart to heart talk with ^Mulligan^ & ^Tucker^. 
  I always looked all over the sky.."Are you there?" or "Or maybe over here?"..
  So I went to buy a Star.....
  As I was filling out the form.. I thought why a star for just my ^Boys^, when there are so many pet angels....why not share that special place with all the parents of  the pet souls...waiting at the bridge to be reunited with their loved ones..
So I got a star and I named it Rainbow Bridge...
This star is for all the ^Petangels^ waiting for us at the bridge. 
^Mullie & Tuck^ ,your mom and dad's love for you, is as wide as the sky.. 



International Star Council
   Be it known to all that the Star herein designated as ... 
ISC2854760 -83
  Residing within the boundaries of the constellation URSA MAJOR (BIG DIPPER) is here by named the registered in your honor as
      Rainbow Bridge


this beautiful picture
made by

*** Here is two different Native American Starlores***

      Starlore of Native America
Title: Bear and Three Hunters
Tribe: Musquakie
Region: Wisconsin
Object: Big Dipper

The bowl stars of the Dipper form a bear. The stars of the handle are hunters. The tiny star Alcor is a small dog named "Hold Tight." In autumn when the Dipper is low to the horizon the blood from the arrow wounds drips on the trees and turns them red and brown.


Ursa Major, the Great Bear
Callisto was a maiden in the wild region Arcadia. She was a huntress, "not one who spent her time in spinning soft fibres of wool, or in arranging her hair in different styles. She was one of Diana's warriors, wearing her tunic pinned together with a brooch, her tresses carelessly caught back by a white ribbon, and carrying in her hand a light javelin or her bow" (Metamorphoses II 412-415).

Jupiter caught sight of her and immediately desired her. He took on the shape of the goddess Diana and spoke to Callisto, who was delighted to see who she thought was her mistress. She began to tell him of her hunting exploits, and he responded by raping her. "She resisted him as far as a woman could--had Juno seen her she would have been less cruel--but how could a girl overcome a man, and who could defeat Jupiter? He had his way, and returned to the upper air" (Metamorphoses II 434-437).

Callisto bore a son, Arcas, which infuriated Juno. Out of jealousy, the wife of Jupiter transformed the girl into a bear. She lived for a time in the wild, until Arcas came across her one day while hunting. He was about to kill the bear his mother, but Jupiter stayed his hand and transformed him into a bear as well. The king of gods then placed both mother and son into the heavens as neighboring constellations.

The constellation Ursa Major is quite commonly known. It includes the Big Dipper, perhaps the most-recognized feature of a constellation in the heavens


I got to meet, Pet Bebreavement, cl-Whispersmom
It was a dream come true for me.

I took a trip out to San Franciso..summer of 2007.   It was just unbelivable...Meeting Whispersmom was the best of the best.... She has done SO much for everyone who has to cross her path.  I say has to instaed of lucky to... it is a honor to know her....but we also wish we all didn't have to meet so early in our pets life.  If God did one thing to help us get through this horrible was showing us the way to Pet Bereavement Message Board.   For that I do thank you.


Please come meet the special pets & Moms
that helped me through my tough times