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Memories of ^Tucker Bud^, and his big brother ^Mulligan Man^..

Awards & Poems for (((^My Boys^)))
Memories of ^Tucker Bud^
Memories of ^Mulligan Man^..
Two Beautiful Puppies .....
Just pictures..of things my boys loved doing
Puppy Fun time
Awards & Poems for (((^My Boys^)))
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              Beautiful poems written by...
         Helen,(Mystry13,^Puddin's^ mom)...
my dear friend from bereavement pet board, One of my boy's aunties...
 One was is ^Mulligan's^ tenth birthday.
  And one for ^Tuckers^ arrival at The Rainbow Bridge

 In Loving Memory of ^Tucker^
                           Passed On To Rainbow Bridge
                                     April 1, 2003

An angel entered the Bridge today
A Golden so much loved
By all his family here on earth
And his brother up above.
Tears of pain are raining down
From all who knew him here
His Mom, his Dad and "Aunties" too
We all held him oh so dear.
Our hearts are broken, full of pain
Tears fall from many eyes.
We all will always think of him
When we look into the skies.
For there he is, we know that's true,
Romping well and free
And by his side, another Gold boy
His brother, who we know as ^Mullie^.
Here on Earth we all stand by
To offer comfort to his Mom
Each one of us will share her pain
Now that ^Tuck^ is gone.
Run free and play our ^Tucker Bud^
For that is how it should be
And know that those you left behind
Will cherish your memory.
Sindee, please know that these humble words come from the depth
of my heart as I share your tears and pain.  Your ^Tucker^ will
always be loved and remembered by those of us you so graciously
shared him with.
Walking with you in your sorrow.



Our "Pick Of The Litter" web site award.For April 2003  
 Came from a work of love for my ^Boys^.I can talk about them forever. Give me enough room, I would put in every picture I have...


For Mullie...
Pss't Mulligan man, I've a secret to share
Someone wants you to have a party up there
Yup, this year you're ten and although you're apart
You're still so much the love of her heart

She's told all the Bridge kids to rally around
There's gonna be hats and horns to make sound
And ribbons and streamers, balloons and more
And cake and ice cream and games galore

She's set up a foot race with a wonderful prize
For the pooch that's the fastest in the other kid's eyes
And for the small dogs a big comfy chair
To cuddle in softly and eat party fare.

There's Whisper, and Charlie and Beau come to join
Just look at those bridge kids all in a line.
They've come to help celebrate your special day
So you don't feel so lonely without mom this day.

For you see she still loves you and wanted to know
That this birthday you'd bask in the warm candle glow
And feel in your heart her love still there
And have all your friends around you to share.

So Happy Birthday our Mulligan man
Some day we'll join you, oh won't that be grand
Then every day we'll celebrate
Please wait for us by the Rainbow Bridge gate.

To Mullie with all of his Mom's love on his 10th birthday.  Gone too young
but always remembered with love and held dear by his family, friends and
cyber aunties.





Helen gave me this one on ^Tucker's^  4 month wing anniv...
    I was having a very hard time...
    When I read it,it felt like a warm hug from above....
Hi Mom, please don't cry,
we're right here so very close by.
We know you miss us, we miss you too
That's how it is when the love bond is true
But we still live on at the Bridge, in your heart
And someday we know we'll never part
We know it's hard, your loss feels so deep
That's why we left the memories you keep
We're right here beside you, as you and Spark play
Watching and smiling as you go through your day
We're watching over you all of the time
And we know so well how your heart does pine.
A glimpse of a shadow, our favorite toys
A Bridge kiss for you from both of your boys
So please don't weep, we're not really gone
As long as your memories linger on.
We love you Mom,
^Mulligan Man^ and ^Tucker Bud^


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Michael Jackson...singing "Gone To Soon"

iVillage Super Site Winner!

We recieved our "Super Site" award August 2003....This came just after I had a large bump in my healing road...
My ^Boys^ are there a stronger word then amazing...
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