A Puppy and his family..
Just pictures of friends and family
" Prize Enought For Me"
A Puppy and his family
Met, Kitty Girl , Hello Dolly, & my new brother, Spark
Just pictures of friends and family
Puppy Fun time
Memories of ^Mulligan^
A Glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge
Awareness & Education ,for that person looking for a new family member>>>>

  • Just pictures I hope you enjoy looking at....

^Mulligan Man^ One Year old...
He know how to hold for the camera

^Mulligan^ sharing the lazyboy with his dad
^Mullie^ always sat half on half off...

See ^Mulligans^ leg is shaved... This was when we had his hips exrayed..They were good hips

See ^Mulligan^ always liked half on half off
^Mulligan^ playing in and getting to know his new crate (the big boy crate) before I added the top

Tucker and ^Mulligan^ were always together
Tucker was the tall one, he could lay his head on ^Mullie^

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My neice and nephew..along with Tucker & me

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