A Puppy and his family..
A Glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge
" Prize Enought For Me"
A Puppy and his family
Met, Kitty Girl , Hello Dolly, & my new brother, Spark
Just pictures of friends and family
Puppy Fun time
Memories of ^Mulligan^
A Glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge
Awareness & Education ,for that person looking for a new family member>>>>

One of my favorite pictures of the ^Mulligan Man^
I keep this picture on the refrigerate, it gets a kiss everyday.

                           A Glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge

Was it today; yesterday; a week; a year ago?
There are no days; there are no nights since my furchild died.
I reach to pet my furry friend who is no longer here.
My heart is broken; my arms are empty; how many tears I've cried.
I leave the house,into the lane we always walked together.
The rain is falling. I notice not. Just more tears on my face.
He used to lead me down the lane. His spirit leads me still.
But we go a different way to a very strange and different place.
I stand before a rustic bridge I've never seen before.
I stop. I know I'm not to cross. But why,I want to know?
And then the rain suddenly stops. I look up into the clouds.
I look down. The bridge is gone and in its place is a rainbow.
I look across the Rainbow Bridge and see a joyful sight;
Thousands of healthy furchildren playing with my beloved pet.
I want to run and love him, but I'm rooted to the spot.
He looks and wags his tail and I hear him bark,"Not Yet."
And then his bark turns to a voice and I hear him say,
"You cared for me,you played with me and loved me to the end.
I'm healthy now,don't cry for me. I'll meet you here again.
Others need your love and care. I'm sending you a friend."
I rub my eyes and the rainbow is again a rustic bridge.
I send a prayer for that quick glimpsee to the loving God above.
I hear a noise and glance back down. I can't believe my eyes.
Across the bridge,my darling pet sent a furbaby for me to love.
I pick up the furry bundle, hold him close to my dumpened cheek.
He nuzzles my neck,kisses my tears. It's true love at first sight.
Not to replace the one who's gone; another who needs my love and care.
My eyes are drawn upwards to see a Rainbow Bridge in radiating light.

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