A Puppy and his family..
Met, Kitty Girl , Hello Dolly, & my new brother, Spark
" Prize Enought For Me"
A Puppy and his family
Met, Kitty Girl , Hello Dolly, & my new brother, Spark
Just pictures of friends and family
Puppy Fun time
Memories of ^Mulligan^
A Glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge
Awareness & Education ,for that person looking for a new family member>>>>

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. Edit

^Mulligan^ gave me lessons on unstuffing>>>
Here I am teaching Spark, what ^Mullie^ taught me.

Mom and Dad has given me a little brother...Mom wanted so much to have more Goldens she thought why not be a Golden rescue foster home..We could teach how a  family full of animals live, and love, then send a new Golden out to a forever home...
   Well Spark was moms first foster boy. Not really thinking of keeping him, Dad took one look and fell in love..he just couldn't send him on to yet another change of hands.

Kitty Girl when she first showed herself
Mom had to hide around corner to get to see me and get this picture

***Here is the link to Spark's very own web page***

Kitty Girl came along right after mom and dad moved to the motel. She showed up when she was oh so tiny. Stayed away from everyone but mom. It took mom weeks of bowls of milk and tuna before she come up to climb in her lap...Now we both want in moms lap.  The first thing I saw when mom and I got home was Kitty.You know she understood that I was just a baby, she let me smell all over her...Boy her and brother didn't see eye to eye at all.
 Now that it is just Kitty and me, she is always near by. I know she is a cat and all,but I think we really love each other..

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Kitty Girl...AKA...Miss.Kitty

Day after mom found Dolly Girl.

>>>Site for Starling talk. Learn more about this interesting fun loving pet.

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We had Dolly a little over a month...She was a hand full, nothing like a well mannered puppy. Mom had to feed her every 20minutes until she could eat on her own. She sure liked to fly around the house...would follow mom everywhere...like me I guess. Every morning we went out on the back porch to play,Dolly never went far came to mom when ever she was called...but one day she got the call of the wild. Dolly flew up  and up until she was only a dot in the sky then she was gone.  Mom still looks at all the Starlings and calls for her. I guess she has a family of her own now. Man I would never leave my mom...she has the key to the biscuits...

Hello Dolly playing with moms toes
Mom found Dolly under a sign. Her brothers & sister were dead already.

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